Book A Hunt

At Duck Guides Inc., we will go above and beyond to ensure you have a memorable and exciting hunting experience and that you don’t miss out on anything our hunting and lodging experience has to offer!

Your hunting package includes Guide service, lodging and three full-course meals daily, plus the utilization of the Fowl Play Lodge in your downtime from the Hunt.

For more detailed information and rates, please contact us via phone or the contact form linked below.

Our guides offer morning duck hunting trips that usually center around the Mallard species, though other species are often around as well.

During the afternoon we prefer not to pressure our hunting areas. This allows the ducks to have a place so they can feed and relax, with no pressure. This helps in the effort to provide the best opportunity for successful morning hunting.

Game Processing

We offer game processing as a part of your hunting package and will tag your trophies during the hunt. Once back at the lodge, your guides will process your game, package and freeze for transportation.

To prepare for your adventure, you will need to bring the following items:

  • Shotguns: Most hunters bring a 12 or 20-gauge, and we recommend a modified choke or a special choke for steel shot.

  • Shells: It is advised to use shot size #2 or your favorite non-toxic shot #4 or larger.

  • Boots: Chest waders are the preferred footwear as they will keep you warm and dry as much as possible

  • Rain Gear: A camouflage rain jacket and a wide-brimmed waterproof hat are great to bring along in case of an unannounced Arkansas storm.

  • Clothing: Warm camouflage clothing is a must; layers work best. You will also need gloves, a face mask, and earplugs for your protection. Camouflage print is encouraged and preferred.

  • Memories: To remember your hunt, bring a camera, video recorder, or a mobile phone capable of doing both without the requirement of wi-fi or signal.

Interested in a Goose Hunt?

If you are interested in hunting geese, we have a list of reputable and expert guides that reside in the area for which we can offer their contact information upon request.

All geese hunting rates and fees are at the discretion of the guide you hire and are not affiliated with Duck Guides Inc., nor a part of our packages and fees.


Our comfortable and spacious Fowl Play Lodge is 7,000 square feet of rustic charm with all the amenities you could want while on a hunting trip!

Fowl Play Lodge boasts a sizeable great room with a grand fireplace and large flat-screen television. There is a full-sized kitchen and a bar area with another full-size television and a regulation pool table as well. Though we do not keep alcohol on hand, you are welcome to bring your own for the trip.

When not on a hunt, you can enjoy relaxing on our plush La-Z-Boy couches and recliners in front of the fireplace and main TV. Lodge offers a large outdoor pavilion with fire pit, seating and TV.

Our full-time, on-site staff will cater to your needs during your stay, keeping your rooms neat and clean.

We welcome all ages, hunters or not, and promise to make your stay an experience you won’t forget!